About Troy MindWrite


Troy Mind Write is an African American writer born on March 16th, 1993, in New Haven, Connecticut. He was raised in a fierce housing project named McConaughy Terrace also known as West Hills until the age of eight. At an early age, Troy showed signs of vast intelligence, however it took years of grooming for him to shed his introverted persona and confidently show the world his gifts. At eleven years old, his grandmother bought a computer for the house but the internet wasn’t acquired yet so he played with other tools controls instead. After growing tired of the paint tool, he clicked on Microsoft Word and began writing to pass the time, completely unaware that in this moment his talent for writing was born. Eventually, he would spend countless hours on the desktop jotting down whatever otherworldly concepts his mind could conjure and finished a number of stories before his freshman year in high school. In 2007, while at Cooperative Arts & Humanities, he specialized in creative writing where he became exposed to poetry and the spoken word. In 2010, he found a home on Nexxlegacy radio and would soon become not only a recurring panelist but an official board and family member. He’s written over twenty stories, thirty plus poems, performed over a dozen times, recorded over two hundred songs, works as a youth educator and is currently wrapping up his book series. Come get your mind right!